Hey, I'm Harshita ^_^  First of all, I want to thank you for caring enough to read about me. So, a little about me- I'm 16 and I live in India.

 I am the girl behind this blog. I am a food addict. I like to bake, write blogs and code. I've developed a deep affection for blogging too.

I've another blog and that's about beauty and lifestyle, so in case you want to see that, here you go- Harshita Kapur

The recipes I publish here are already tried and tasted, so they are definitely good to try at home. I never publish a recipe that I haven't tried. I don't publish recipes which turn out to be a flop show! So, you can trust my recipes.... you can try any of my recipse without hesitation, but try to follow each and every step. Also,  if you try any of 'em, make sure to share a picture of it with me, either on my Facebook page or post it on Instagram with the #HarshitaKitchen and tag me.

Fun Fact: I bought a custom domain for this blog on 1st Feb'16. But, I announced that on 2nd Feb on my Fb Page with a blueberry cream cake recipe! :)

I hope you like my blog. Do share it on your social media. Until then, I will see you soon with a new, delicious recipe.

You can also find me on-
Instagram- @harshitakapur
Pinterest- harshita2204
Snapchat- harshitakapur
Facebook - Harshita's Kitchen Page

Thanks For Visiting my Blog,

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