January 31, 2016

Virgin Mojito Recipe | Non- Alcoholic Mojito Recipe

mojito recipe

This virgin mojito recipe is for the hot summer days when you're supposed to consume a lot of liquid but water is just not the liquid you want to consume. This recipe comes to the rescue! Plus, this is a non alcoholic mojito for all those who don't take alcohol. It is very easy to make; requires very little ingredients and the end result is worth it.

January 26, 2016

Pasta Arrabbiata Recipe | Italian Pasta Recipes

pasta recipes

I totally love trying and having new recipes of pasta. I try a lot of pasta recipes but haven't posted any on this blog yet because sometimes I don't click pics when trying something for the first time, because I'm sometimes not sure of the results. But for this pasta recipe, it was not the first try, of course. I missed one thing in the recipe, that is basil leaves to top it off. It would've made the pictures more beautiful and enhanced the taste by a little fraction too.

January 25, 2016

Stir Fried Vegetable Rice | Quick Fried Rice Recipe

fried rice recipe

I made these for dinner because I had some leftover plain rice from lunch. I wanted to make Thai curry rice but then I dropped that idea because that would've been too much work and this was much more simple. I am not much fond of fried rice but I prefer them over the normal dal- roti combo. It is not the classic Chinese fried recipe, this is something I like to make. It's modified according to my taste. But, I assure you this will turn out tasty. I will very soon post the classic Chinese fried rice recipe too.

January 20, 2016

Carrot Cream Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Ideas

I tried this carrot cream sandwich recipe one morning and it is quite easy to prepare while you're in a hurry. It is a life-saver breakfast recipe. Not only is it quick to prepare, also it is comes out really delicious. I'm not that fond of carrots but I can still eat this sandwich any day because it was delicious.

January 17, 2016

Strawberry Cheescake Inspired Ice Cream ~ Ice Cream Recipes

Sometime ago, I was into trying a lot of cheesecake recipes. So, I already tried a strawberry cheesecake, which came out awesome! So, I thought of integrating all those amazing cheesecake flavours in an ice cream. This came out to be a super hit recipe :)

January 12, 2016

Strawberry Frappuccino - With Fresh Strawberries | Starbucks Frappuccino Recipe

I had this strawberry frappuccino for breakfast and it is super delicious. It's kind of a summer beverage, even though I'm enjoying it in January.

January 11, 2016

Creamy Strawberry Sandwich - Delicious Sandwich Recipes

I made this creamy strawberry sandwich today for breakfast and it was super delicious. It looks like an elaborate breakfast which may have consumed a lot of time to be prepared, but NO that's not true. It takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes. It is a perfect sunday morning breakfast when you don't feel like cooking!

January 10, 2016

Easy 2 Minute Cornflakes & Honey Mug Cake

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone :) Hope you have a very happy year ahead!
I've been very irregular when it comes to posting recipes here and I'm really sorry about that. I was a bit busy for the last few days or let me say- months. But, I have tried a lot of new recipes recently and I'm really excited to share them with you all. Today I present this cornflakes and honey mug cake recipe.