November 06, 2014

White Chocolate Blondies Recipe

Hi everyone.....this is the loveliest recipe that I am posting! Trying these blondies was the best decision that I have ever made. I have excluded caramel coated almonds in this recipe, unlike the typical white chocolate blondies recipe as I am not a big fan of almonds. :D

Well, honestly speaking this recipe was heavenly!! Trust and you must give it a will come out perfect and let me tell all of you that I don't own an OTG (Oven)  so every recipe related to baking is prepared very well in a microwave. I have always succeeded with bakes and cakes. They come out so nice. And, gradually practicing baking has made my cakes perfect over time! First, they came out with high peaks, then little cracks and now...they are just perfect! Soft, Moist, yummy (ofcourse) and fully baked and beautifully risen!

Coming back to these blondies.....they were tastier than the Chocolate Brownies! Till then, I thought that no other thing can beat chocolate flavour, but this really does that. You can add almonds or caramel coated you wish. I am thinking to post a recipe with caramel, will come up with that soon....but till let me appreciate this recipe a little. It took 1 hour to bake and 20 minutes to prepare its batter, but the time consumed was totally worth it! - Without any hesitations, go and try this recipe and do share your lovely white experience with. A slice of this will give you peace! Huuhhh!!! :)  The satisfaction that you get is awesome and can't be explained in words. I promise everyone at your house will like it. And, like before, I have used Whole Wheat flour as in the Whole Wheat Flour Brownies Recipe.
Because, I like it healthy! :D

Prep Time: 20 min    Cook Time: 60 min


  • Whole Wheat Flour- 1 cup
  • Powdered Sugar- 1 cup
  • Butter (salted or unsalted at room temperature)- 1/4 cup
  • White Chocolate-  85 g or 1/2 cup (you may use 80 g or 90 g as well)
  • Vanilla Extract- 1 tsp
  • Eggs- 2 
  • Baking Powder- 1 tsp
  • Salt- 1/2 tsp
  • Milk- 1/2 cup 


Preheat the microwave/ oven at 200°C

Take a bowl and break open both the eggs. Then, whisk them with hand whisk or with electric whisk until they are white and fluffy. Then add sugar to it. Beat it well and add the butter. Then whisk it some more. Then, take a sieve and sieve all the whole wheat flour through it.

Beat all the flour well and add milk to it. Slowly whisk so that the milk doesn't splashes out! Then with a spatula, fold the batter and add baking powder and salt. Fold it with the spatula well. Then add Vanilla Extract and White Chocolate and fold the batter well.

Take a microwave safe dish and grease it with a little (approx. 1/2 tsp) of oil (I used Olive Oil). Then spread a baking sheet/ butter paper/ parchment paper and pour the batter over it. Bake it for 35 min to 40 min. Insert a toothpick to check whether fully baked or not. Let it stay in the microwave for 10 to 20 minutes so that it cools down. Invert the dish on a plate and remove the baking paper from it. Take a sharp knife and slice it into square-shaped blondies. 


Take all your ingredients.....Sorry I forgot to add milk in this picture!

Break open both your eggs

Beat the eggs 

Beat them till white and fluffy

Add sugar to it

Beat the sugar and eggs

Add butter

Beat the butter with all other ingredients

Take a sieve

Take whole wheat flour in the sieve 

And, sieve it through 

Combine it with all the other ingredients

Then add all the milk

Beat the milk well

Then with the help of a spatula, fold the batter well

Add Baking Powder and Salt

Fold the batter well

Add Vanilla Extract

Add the White Chocolate

Mix the Chocolate chunks in the batter

Take a microwave safe dish

Pout approx. a tsp of oil and grease it

Spread baking paper over it

Pour in the batter

Bake it for 60 minutes at 200C

Insert a toothpick to check whether it is fully baked or not

Invert the dish on the plate

Remove the baking paper

Cut it into squares and enjoy! :)

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